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Elizabeth AH Woods

Bye Bye Bath
Ever wonder how fun a bath can be?  Read Bye Bye Bath and find out! 

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I don't think I'm a born writer.  I first wrote in school because I took English classes and they made everybody write.  My teachers told me that my opinions were wrong, my writing was wrong: i always came before c, and never, ever, leave a participle dangling, whatever that meant.  I hated it.


But my relatives who didn't know my grades told me I was brilliant because I loved to read so much, and they said that if I learned how to write well, I could have a career that would never have to depend on a man.

I loved that idea, but first, I had to write.  Then Danny was came along, and well.. here I am!

I'm not sure what skills I have.  In my Linked-In account, people have noted that I can write, blog , and that I'm good in customer relations. 

I say let my books speak for themselves.  My love for my children, my husband and family, and our dear Lord is what I live for.  If I can help you with what matters to you, too, it's a bonus.  Thank you for giving me that chance.    


I earned my BA in English at Incarnate Word College in 1987.  Today it's known as the University of The Incarnate Word, located in the heart of San Antonio, Texas.


My son Danny, wasn't like other people's children...


Danny didn't play with toys.  He liked the boxes they came in.  He didn't talk.  He wouldn't look me in the eye.  Born with Autism, ADHD, and considered mentally "challenged," he threw books at the wall, instead of looking at them or even chewing on them,

I determined that one day, he'd learn what they were for.  And so, Open Windows Books was born...

There's can't be anything better than watching your children grow, unless it's helping them learn...

Danny graduated high school in 2011, reading better than most of his peers...


I can't say for sure because I'm not an expert, but I think my books might have made a difference, and as a Christian completely dedicated to our dear Lord, I'm sure He had His hand in it too.